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List Of Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

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Discover the top web hosting companies in Nigeria with our comprehensive list. Compare prices, features, and customer reviews to find the perfect hosting provider for your website.

Get reliable and affordable hosting solutions tailored to your business needs. Start your online journey with the best web hosting options Nigeria has to offer. Read now

As an individual that has decided to start a blog or own a website and have succeeded in getting the blog up and running. I will like to congratulate you on a job well done because it is a step in the right direction for you. And if you are just starting with your first content and are yet to publish it, I would say “strive hard to produce quality content”.

As a blogger, if you run your blog on a free domain like blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress, you should know and be reminded that you don’t own your blog and you are limited should you decide to express yourself with photos or videos. Also, if making money is one of the sole reasons for owning a blog, you won’t be able to monetize it.

To circumvent not being able to monetize your blog and becoming its full owner, you need to host with a web hosting company. This has its benefit because you can guarantee the longevity, ownership, customization, and monetization of your blog for a period of time, based on your subscription.

Whenever people hear or think about web hosting companies, their attention is usually drawn to foreign agencies like Bluehost or GoDaddy.

However, there are web hosting companies that offer affordable domain registering services in Nigeria, and these companies come with plans that are affordable and can be paid via the local currency and if you aren’t too familiar with electronic payment, it can be done with a bank transfer.

When you need to host a website with a company, there are factors that must be considered, these are;

  1. Prices

Most of them have different plans that are tailored to meet your needs, whichever one you decide to choose, you should be able to pay with the Naira.

  • Customer care support

You should be able to connect to the technical support team to respond and provide answers and solutions to your queries.

  • Bandwidth and Disk space

You are going to need sufficient storage and bandwidth for your web information and to accommodate the large volume of traffic coming to your site. Most web hosts won’t offer unlimited storage and bandwidth for free.

  • Uptime

Hosting with a cheap and affordable web host won’t do you much good if their servers keep crashing. So, server reliability is very important. Hosting with a web host with a good server uptime of 99.9% means you won’t experience loss of revenue due to server outage.

These Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria Are Owned And Run By Nigerians. These are some of the web hosting companies in Nigeria.

  1. Qservers

This is one of the web hosting companies in the country. Its tariffs are relatively cheap as you can get a custom domain for your site. You could easily secure your domain name in cases where you aren’t ready to start a blog or a website and as such, the domain name would become readily available when it is needed.

Its web hosting services are very cheap where you can drive your database content and get good content management and also custom applications.

It doesn’t stop there; your website will be secured with an impregnable SSL encryption that will ensure that you don’t face any web security threats from cyberbullies. You also get support for your website from the support team. In case you have a question or query on your website, they are always available to respond to you via email.

Other services that are being provided ensures that your data is backed up in case of hardware failure, a server uptime when you encounter server downtime and error. It also ensures your web technology grows as your business grows. You can visit Qservers at www.qservers.net to learn more.

  • Hostnownow

The is another company that offers web hosting services and packages. You can start creating your domain name and end it with any of your preferred web suffixes (.ng, com.ng, .org, org.ng. etc.) which means schools, churches, private and public establishments can have their custom domain name.

Its hosting packages are specifically suited for any category that your business demands. This includes shared hosting, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting which range from servicing small to mild duty websites and web apps to heavy-duty websites and web apps.

Furthermore, you can use this hosting company with the aim of making money. All these hosting packages come with affordable tariffs that can be paid with the Nigerian currency.

You can also get unmetered bandwidths when you host on the platform with no extra charges plus having a customer care support that runs 24/7 to attend to you. With their 99.9% server uptime service and reliable hardware, you get proactive monitoring of your servers to ensure its stability, and also, the servers get new updates through its upgrade on regular basis.

You will also get access to its high-level security for your web and its scalability fits your needs when you experience growth on your website. Visit hostnownow.com to learn more about their services.

  • Whogohost

When you need to host your website or blog, you can also try Whogohost. The name of the company clearly shows that it is owned by a Nigerian – ‘Who go host?’ The company offers domain name searches that can inform you of a domain name availability.

You also get different kinds of hosting services like cPanel hosting which gets you reliable and secure hosting accounts, WordPress hosting for your WordPress account, and professional email service through their email hosting.

Over the years, it has provided services for some popular brands in Nigeria and offers 24/7 customer support to its customers. It does not ignore the range of services that it provides for businesses to succeed. You can also visit www.whogohost.ng to find out more.

  •  Web4africa

This web hosting company has been around for a while now. With them, you get the option of hosting your website and web apps on web servers that are fast and reliable. You can also get a cheap web hosting service for as low as 600ngn per month.

Web4africa has a domain name checker to check for new and existing domain names – a domain name registration service for your domain name. cloud hosting and local hosting is now also available in the company including other options like dedicated servers, virtual private servers, windows hosting, and reseller hosting.

As web hosting companies have been around for a while now, you can be assured of good customer care support and their services come with different tariffs for their plans. You can get a 2gb worth of disk storage space for as low as 525ngn per month, unlimited bandwidth, and a free com.ng domain. You can visit their website at www.web4africa.ng to learn more.

  • Domainking

Domainking is a fast-growing web hosting company in the hosting ecosystem in Nigeria. It is relatively cheap to host your website on it and comes with good customer support such as live chat, support ticket, email support, and a good uptime of 99.9%.  Its starting price includes 4500ngn per year and offers features such as domain registration, web hosting, shared, and WordPress hosting.

With operations in more than 4 countries, Domainking accepts local payment options in Nigeria with bank transactions (MasterCard, verve, and visa) cards. It has a strong customer base and is ICANN and Nira accredited.

  • Garanntor

This is one of the affordable web hosting companies in Nigeria with a starting price of 1500ngn. With the rendering of services to tens of thousands of customers yearly, it has grown its customer base.

It supports web hosting services which include shared hosting, virtual private services, domain name registration, WordPress hosting, window hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocation.

With Garanntor, you can also get their professional Garanntor email, cloud servers, and customer support. Garanntor is currently accredited by Nira and ZACR.  They have different plans for their hosting services that you can choose from. You can visit their website at www.guranntor.ng

  • Globalhosting247

When listing some of the best hosting companies in Nigeria, globalhosting247 makes the list. With a very affordable web hosting plans, you won’t have a huge financial strain in purchasing any of these plans.

With N900ngn/year you can get a basic plan that comes with a gigabyte disk space and 5GB Bandwidth plus databases, FTP account, email accounts. All these are unlimited and loaded with extra features.

You can also have access to website builders on all accounts, software for installing popular and widely-used content management systems (Joomla, WordPress).  Others include Social Networking Scripts, Project Management Scripts, and Image Galleries scripts. To get more information, visit www.globalhosting247.com

8. Smartweb

This web host is also one of the fastest-growing web host companies in Nigeria that offer a capped storage amount to an unlimited amount of storage based on your subscription.

As a web hosting company that supports hosting services such as shared hosting, virtual private services, domain name registration, it also comes with its professional email forwardings, unlimited emails, mailing lists, web email autoresponder, content management software such as WordPress and Joomla. Find out more in www.smartweb.com.ng

9. Registeram

There are a lot of web hosting companies in the country that offer cheap and affordable web hosting services that won’t leave you broke, dissatisfied and unhappy.

Registeram is one of them and it is considered to be one of the fastest web hosting solutions in Nigeria which provides different services which include hosting for the Java Servlets, Windows hosting, Linux hosting, domain name registration, etc.

This web host has really good servers which also includes free DNS hosting. They are ICANN and Nira certified. It also comes up with a quick auto-installer for some content management software for your blog or website such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and different types of scripts.

10. Syskay

This web hosting company has been around for a long time and is considered as one of the oldest companies in the web hosting ecosystem. As a reliable company that has offered one of the best services in years, they are very consistent in doing so. They offer cheap and affordable web hosting starting with a price that won’t strain your back. You could check their services and prices on www.syskay.com

Pros And Cons Of Hosting With A Nigerian Web Host

There are a lot of web hosting companies in Nigeria whose descriptions of services aren’t different from the others.  These web hosting companies offer top quality services without burning a hole in your pocket.

However, when considering hosting with these companies, there are a few pros and cons to them. And when you understand these terms you should be good enough to make a choice.

Pros Of Hosting With A Nigerian Web Host

1. Domain name buying

The .ng domain is not really supported by most internationally owned web hosts as such it is very easy to buy and be supported by a Nigerian web host.

2. Ease of payment

Due to the high risk of fraud, most Nigerian debit cards aren’t supported by international web hosting companies. But with a Nigerian web host, you can easily use these debit cards or bank deposit and transfer as a means of payment.

3. Data privacy

Hosting with an international website means you are also subject to their data privacy laws. If there is a lawsuit on a breach of privacy against them and they are shut down, you will also be affected and you will lose your data.

4. Renewal price increase

Many of the foreign web hosts tend to increase their renewal price when you host with them, this can be a pose discomfort to you especially when there is a huge difference in currency exchange rates. This is not the case with the Nigerian web host as some of their prices are fixed and easily affordable.

Cons Of Hosting In Nigerian Web Hosts

1. Sometimes contacting the customer service can be challenging. Even when some of them are nearly perfect, they still suffer a setback in dealing with technical support. However, there is always room for them to improve.

2. Some features such as bandwidth and disk storage space are limited because of what it takes for them to make it more affordable and bring the price down to the barest minimum.

Hosting with a Nigerian web host company isn’t a bad choice. Each comes with their perks, pros, cons and they can really give you good services for a cheap price. Be sure to do a google search on them and read reviews to guide you further. Good luck to you as you make a good choice.

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