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Email Campaign Setup Using WordPress Blog in Conjunction with SMTP Relay Servers

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Learn how to set up a successful email campaign using WordPress blog and SMTP relay servers. Discover step-by-step instructions, best practices, and valuable tips to optimize your email marketing strategy and reach your target audience effectively. Boost your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions with this comprehensive guide.

I want to say that gmail account is the most used free email server by web surfers and online marketers. This is occassioned by the growing number of useful research and marketing tools offered by Google free of charge for which having a gmail account is a prerequisite for access to them.

Tools and services like Youtube, Keyword Planner, Googleplus, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Docs etc, to mention but a few are highly indispensable to serious minded Netpreneurs.

In fact, at least in my case, well-over HALF of my subscribers are Gmail users. Google is even very much aware of the level of usage these webtools attract. Hence, they’re geared towards indirect and direct monetization.

I want to believe that you, my current reader is also caught up with the trap of using gmail. If I’m correct, then you must have observed the presence of new buttons on your gmail account. Such buttons as “Promotions”, “Socials” etc. This is google helping you to segment your mails as they land in your inbox.

They are also using it to effectively mark spam mails thereby reducing the deliverability of mails from most of our hithereto popular email servers even autoresponder kings like Aweber.

If you are a user of these, you must have observed reduced deliverability of your campaigns. This is consequent upon Gmail’s stringent anti-spam algorithms and, now, “Promotional” segmenting of incoming emails.

And believe you me this trend effects your campaign open rates. Let me tell you this from direct experience: “You might as well have your emails show up in the SPAM folder”. That is why I do not think it is any co-incidence that email open rates have been DECLININGever since the “Promotions” tab was introduced by Gmail.

I suspect that ONE reason for this is Gmail has now been programmed to look for popular keywords that would trigger “Promotional” placement of incoming emails, and among them, keywords like “Aweber”, “GetReponse”, “Infusionsoft” and other popular autoresponder services. Oh, and it does not help that these services cost quite a bit per month, in return for declining deliverability results.

Open rates with new entrant – Trafficwave has been absolutely fantastic! Per my own tests, WAY more than Aweber and GetResponse. I suspect it could be because Gmail hasn’t included “TRAFFICWAVE”in its list of words/phrases that trigger its “Promotion” email segmenting algorithm.

Plus, it even has a FREE package, where you can create squeeze page and they host it for you plus you use it to generate email unlimited subscribers, and not have to pay a single cent.

Here Comes A Cost-Effective Solution, And One That Ensures Maximum Deliverability.


If your database is bad, your server IPs are going to be blacklisted = NO INBOXING!

If you’re just spamming, the way I teach you in this blog post is not going to work =DON’T SPAM!

It’s a little expensive than subscriber based systems like Aweber & GetResponse. With Self hosted you pay per email. But if you’re doing it right, you’re going to make more than enough to cover the bills and make a healthy profit.

If you use Amazon SES it will be cheaper because there rates per email are downright ridiculous. With other SMTPs, the rates vary.

It is not in the form of Aweber,or Getresponse or any other of the popular autoresponders.It comes in three steps:

An Email Marketing Interface Software like MyMail or RapidMailer or Tigermail wordpress plugins that allows you to compose, send, track and test your email campaigns, create email lists for separate niches/groups/campaigns, import email lists, etc. right on your wordpress blog.

Subscribe to a PAY AS YOU GO bulk-emailing provider like  Mandrill or Amazon’s SES, or Sendgrid or Mailjet etc. and then integrate it with any of the email marketing interface softwares mentioned above.

Create a squeeze page using another WP Plugin – 3D Optin and insert your optin form created with the newsletter WP plugin –MyMail.

Investment: Mymail $ (or RapidMailer $67), 3D Optin $17, Amazon SES $0.10/1000 emails sent (i.e.for 20k email list sending campaign twice per week would cost you just $4). Compare that to the monthly cost of using popular autoresponders like Aweber, iContact, Getresponse,etc. What a savings!

Some WordPress Plugins




WP3D Pages

Some SMTP Relay Servers

You need some infrastructure to inbox your emails. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in email delivery and they usually have a better delivery rate. Advantage: You can upload any list that you have and send emails to them using these companies. They don’t FORCE you to double optin. You shouldn’t spam though, only send to people who want and expect emails from you. Major smtp relay server companies are:

Amazon SES





SendGrid – Great delivery rates but a little expensive if you want to send out millions of emails per month. But if you’re sending highly relevant information only a few times per month this is one of the best services on the planet



Note that Interspire is the most popularly used tool for emailing in the market today but I read a few reviews from other marketers and they were all reporting poor delivery rates. The common reason seemed to be that Interspirehas  been used so much by Spammers; some of the emails are now being placed in the spam folder especially for Gmail. For this reason I recommend you start with Amazon SES.

Email Campaign Setup

You need to create an account with any or all the SMTP Relay Server providers. For instance on Mandrill it is very straight forward and doesn’t require any identification of approval process.

Purchase and Setup/Install and configure an Email Newsletter WP plugin that is able to work with SMTP server To help you, you can purchase MyMail here or go here and buy RapidMailer

Fill in the information the SMTP companies gave you into the Plugin Settings you purchased.

Upload your list to the Newsletter plugin. This is done very easily by simply using either a csv file or a txt file. If you already have your list from your auto-responder its perfect for uploading following simple instructions.

Create your email and start sending.

Amazon  SES SMTP Server Signup & Setup

In summary the 4 stages involved are: 1. Amazon SES  Registration 2. Amazon SES Domain Registration 3. Amazon SES Email registration 4. Getting Amazon SES SMTP Details   

Amzon SES Registration 

Navigate to  the following url : http://aws.amazon.com/ses/ Click on Create A Free Account .  

Enter your email address and select “I am a new user” .

Then Click on “Sign in using our secure server” to continue the register process. Add your details on the following form . 

Then Hit “Create Account”  To Complete!

Amazon SES Domain Registration

Login into “SES Management Console” Go To Domains  Then Click on „Verify a New Domain” then a popup box will show , fill the domain name field and hit „Generate DKIM Settings”  Then Hit the button  „Verify This Domain”.  

After this step in the same window will be displayed the dkim and spf records , wich you need to add to your domain name. After few minutes the verification will be done by Amazon Once DNS records are setup. Here is how a domain will show after is correctly set up and validated. 

Amazon SES Email Registration Note

Before starting this process make sure your domain email address or addresses are active and you can receive emails. 

In “SES Management Console” Go And Click „Email Addresses” Click on „Verify a New Email Address” Add your desired email address or addresses. 

A email will be sent on your email address which you need to open and confirm by clicking the verification link inside. 

Getting Amazon SES SMTP Details 

In “SES Management Console” Click “SMTP Settings” .  

Click on “Create My SMTP Credentials” , a new page will open on which you need to hit “Create” button. Then the system will create the smtp access data witch you can download by clicking the button “Download Credentials” or simply copy paste by clicking “Show User SMTP Security Credentials” This details are important , in order to set up correctly Sendy.    

SMTP Server Signup

Signing up for Mandrill is very easy to do. Just go to http://mandrill.com/ and hit the signup button and enter your email address and a preferred password to use.

Fill it out the following page honestly and you’ll be approved and in

On the next screen, click on Get SMTP Credentials. Now, log into your Mandrill account with your email address and password. On the upper right side of the screen right next to your email address you will see a gear.Click on it. On the drop down with a number of options that follows, click on “SMTP & API credentials”

Now, hover your cursor and you will notice that a box with the word “copy” pops up next to the field you are hovering over, click on that and it will copy the field to your clipboard.

Copy the host, port and SMTP Username to a text document. Also generate an API Key by clicking “New API Key”, copy that to your text document too. The API Key will be your mailing password.

The WordPress Email Client Setup

Application Pogram Experts have developed a TON of premium plugins that you can use for just about anything in WordPress. That is truly one of the greatest strengths of this email campaign strategy. You’re going to acquire two premium WordPress plugins for this to work.

The first one is WP RapidMailer or Mymail – any of these two will do the main work and heavy lifting of the emails and the second one is WP 3DPages – to be used to make some pretty neat landing pages.

You can as well subscribe toa web tool such as Lead Pages (most popularly used by online marketers) to create awesome landing pages for your email campaign. Don’t forget if you’ve got other similar tools to the above ones you’ve proven to perform, to try them out for this purpose. But I have tried to recommend the ones I use.

 I used to know of free plugins that you can use to achieve the same result – WP Autoresponder andWordPress Landing Pages, but I can’t guarantee their availability and efficiency. You can go ahead and check them out.

Possibly, you’ll have your way around them and achieve the desired result. Nevertheless, as it is with some free things, you may not receive support incase you encounter technical issues plus some useful features may be found absent. Just take your tongue and count your teeth.

If you got the above tools go to your wordpress blog admin panel to upload and configure them. I believe most of you are conversant with working with wordpress. Otherwise, go to youtube.com to search for free videos tutorials that will help you out on any area you’re deficient with wordpress blog management and customization.

With this technique, you don’t have to worry about your accounts getting banned by big autoresponder service providers because YOU OWN YOUR LIST!

Even if one of the companies that you use to broadcast an email goes crazy on you, there are tens of other SMTP Relay Server services that you can just plug into and start sending emails within minutes! How about that.

Therefore, go ahead and sign up for multiple SMTP services so that you always have plenty of options. I am sure it is possible to do this in Mail Jeet, (and it could also be so in the others out there) you can add any number of SMTP services and when you want to send, you just choose any one you desire.

Now something good for you. Here goes:

If you have enjoyed and been educated through this information, encourage me to do more by buying through my affiliate link:  MyMail or  RapidMaileror WP 3DPages.Subscribe to SMTP Relay Servers – Mandrill or Sendgrid or SMTP or Amazon SES and I will provide support for your setup and configuration.

Also post your comments or questions or opinion about the topic you just read below.

Discover Why I Experiment, And You Too Should, If You’re Serious Online Marketer, With New Methods (Desktop Email Client + SMTP Relay Servers) Of Setting Up Email Campaigns without paying the huge amounts that big autoresponders charge!

Email Marketing Revolution System -A Better Cost Effective Option – Forget Commercial Autoresponders

Get a copy of Email Marketing Revolution System for a full detailed step by step process of setting up this system. A system that will go beyond guiding you to host your own autoresponder, have more control over YOUR OWN data, send email according to YOUR rules and have better success than you EVER would sending through a commercial autoresponder. It reveals among other email marketing strategies:

More of the above stated steps and how to use the details we saved on Notepad on the wordpress blog.

The WordPress plugins setup and configurations

Hosting a double opt in (or single opt in if you prefer) newsletter on your blog site – forget Aweber or Getresponse

Optimized high converting Newsletter Setup techniques integrated with effective CPA Marketing (for maximized monetization) no matter your niche.

Optimized high converting  Call To Action & WebForms Creation techniques

List Build optimized high converting Landing page Setup techniques

How To Write The Email Marketing Campaign That Ensures Maximum Deliverability And Conversion.

Freebie”-best practices to ensure they don’t give you fake emails. And to ensure you earn their trust instead of seeing you as one of their competitors which will result to maximum responsiveness to your periodical newsletter

Testing The System to make sure its working

Advanced DNS Changes For Amazing Deliverability of Emails

How To Setup The Email Marketing Revolution System On Your Desktop PC/Laptop

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