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Email Campaign Setup Using Desktop Email Client in Conjunction with SMTP Relay Servers

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The best option for any serious-minded online marketer is a desktop-based Email Client that can work with SMTP Relay Servers to set up email campaigns and carry out promos.

In this article, I will reveal why I said it is the best option, the tools required, and how to set it up. The knowledge you are about to grab can transform your email marketing and income-earning power. If you’re ready, let us go:

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Why I Experiment, And You Too Should.

If You’re Serious Online Marketer, With New Methods Of Setting Up Email Campaigns:

1. It is common knowledge that most of the big and popularly used autoresponder service providers such as Aweber, Getresponse, Constant Contact, etc. BAN subscription accounts, especially those of those who send multiple email campaigns every week. If there’s an option to avoid this, wouldn’t you cash in with it?

2. There’s nothing comparable to freedom and power of control, especially in online marketing. Although most great Email service providers are suitable for efficient email delivery, you leave your list and campaigns under their control.

Your email campaign can be stopped anytime, and they’ll try to explain their action away with some flimsy excuses. At that point, there’s nothing you can do about it. We must begin to investigate and explore alternative methods that give us the power of control.

3. If you haven’t, I encourage you to analyze your campaigns’ delivery rate stats with those big autoresponders. You’ll confirm this, I have to say about them: ” Their inbox delivery rates are going down.” If this assertion is proven and true, may I ask: “Why and what are you paying them for?”

4. If you are like me, who have spent “some days” in internet marketing, you have built a huge email list, possibly in the range of 200K to 500K. What is it, possibly if you only use those big Email service providers? You could spend over 4 figure dollars monthly on maintaining your list with them.

Worse still, you may not have active email campaigns every month all year round. What a big hole draining away your hard-earned money! You deliberately got involved. It is time to be free. Or aren’t you ready?

5. It is highly damning when you suddenly discover your auto-responder email subscription account has been banned, especially when you have a soon-to-be-launched promotion. It sucks! And let me warn you if you’re yet to experience this evil. Please wait for it. It will soon be your story, especially if you are an email marketer in the make-money-online niche.

In case you don’t have the expertise or skill to go the whole hug for setting up your email campaign on your server, Uncover the inner workings of SMTP servers and gain a deeper understanding of how SMTP functions to facilitate seamless email communication.

Now, enough of the introduction. Let’s dive right into the leading cruise of the top. Let’s focus. First, let’s have a look at the SMTP Servers:

SMTP Relay Servers

You need some infrastructure to inbox your emails. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in email delivery, and they usually have a better delivery rate. Advantage: You can upload any list that you have and send emails to them using these companies.

They don’t FORCE you to double optin’. You shouldn’t spam, though; only send to people who want and expect emails from you. Major SMTP relay server companies are:

Amazon SES






Note that Interspire is the most popularly used tool for emailing in the market today, but I read a few reviews from other marketers, and they were all reporting poor delivery rates. The common reason seemed to be that Interspire has  been used so much by Spammers; some of the emails are now being placed in the spam folder especially for Gmail. For this reason I recommend you start with Mandrill or any other.

Server Features

First, a quick overview of the features we’ll be getting from our modern email server:

  • Email storage is encrypted on the server.
  • Full encryption over the wire with TLS.
  • The server is locked on boot, and SSH is on reboots to unlock.
  • Better SPAM detection.
  • Lightning-fast push support on all devices.
  • Full-text search that actually works.
  • Server software and all packages are open source.

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Furthermore, our email server is built from several separate little projects that work together, including:

Postfix – the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that handles relaying mail between different servers. It decides what to do with email from the outside world and whether a particular user can send email using the server. Postfix hands off local delivery (that is, the actual saving of the mail files on the server) to Dovecot. Postfix also lets Dovecot take care of authentication before users are allowed to send emails from the server.

Dovecot – the Local Mail Transfer Protocol service (LMTP), in email lingo, essentially runs IMAP to handle requests from users who want to authenticate and check their email. Dovecot’s LMTP service functions as the Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) by saving mail files on the server. Dovecot also handles all authorization. It checks users’ email addresses and passwords in the MySQL database before allowing them to view or send emails.

EncFS – this is used to encrypt our email store.

OpenDKIM—DKIM digitally signs all messages on the server to verify that the message was actually sent from the domain in question and is not spam or phishing.

MySQL—The database server stores lookup tables for domains, usernames, passwords, and aliases on the mail server.

Protips and caveats

Use SSL/TLS for all connections. Again, while it’s true that the NSA targets encrypted connections and may have explicit exploits against these protocols, you’re much better protected than if you communicate clearly. With incoming mail working via IMAP, outgoing mail on SMTP, and everything under TLS/STARTTLS

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SMTP Server Set

You need to create an account with any or all of the SMTP Relay Server providers. For instance, on Mandrill, it is very straightforward and doesn’t require any identification or approval process.

Purchase and Set up/Install and configure an Email Client that can work with an SMTP server. To help you, you can purchase Mail Jeet here or go here and buy …………….

Fill in the information the SMTP companies gave you in the email client you purchased.

Upload your list to the email client. This is done very easily using either a CSV file or a Txt file. If you already have your list from your auto-responder, it’s perfect for uploading following simple instructions.

  • Create your email and start sending.

Signup For Account

Signing up for Mandrill is very easy to do. Just go to http://mandrill.com/ and hit the signup button and enter your email address and a preferred password to use.

Fill out on the following page honestly, and you’ll be approved On the next screen, click on Get SMTP Credentials. Now, log into your Mandrill account with your email address and password. On the upper right side of the screen right next to your email address you will see a gear. Click on it. On the drop-down with several options that follows, click on “SMTP & API credentials. Namecheap Email Forwarding is a transformative tool that streamlines communication by seamlessly redirecting emails from one address to another.

Now, hover your cursor and you will notice that a box with the word “copy” pops up next to the field you are hovering over, click on that and it will copy the field to your clipboard.

Copy the host, port, and SMTP username into a text document. Also generate an API Key by clicking “New API Key”, copy that to your text document too. The API Key will be your mailing password. While setting up the desktop mail client, you’ll need the above details. Let’s examine the procedure:

Desktop Email Clients:

There are so many of these that can be used to achieve our purpose, among which are:

Mail Jeet

Merak Mail Server


Outlook Express

Let’s throw a little into the process using Mail Jeet – one of the desktop-based clients for list management and mailing your leads directly from your computer using any SMTP server. After the basic installation process, the screen below is an example of what the platform looks like and where the details we copied from our SMTP account will be entered.

You can observe here that we have more than one SMTP account details entered, so we can communicate with anyone we choose at any particular time. Demystify ConstantContact and master email marketing success, guiding your campaigns to greater effectiveness.

Mail Jeet Features

● Upload a list of subscribers straight into the app, with no double opt-in required whatsoever

● Mail your list as often as you’d like to, using beautiful templates with No downtime

● Enjoy email marketing the way it’s supposed to, with no monthly fees

● Schedule your emails to go off when you want to with no annoying delays

The interface is very straightforward and does exactly what you need without the flashy interface.

Below is the layout of the software, which is a standalone application you install on your desktop. The desktop will need to be powered on with an internet connection for the application to send emails.

Once you create an email, the application will provide you with an expected Spam Score so you can modify the email accordingly, ensuring you get the maximum delivery rate. I have been very happy with Mail Jeet’s performance. It’s very simple and straightforward.

It can be buggy at times, but I got used to the different exceptions after a few emails. The development team in Email Jeet is continuously working on improving the product which is a good sign for the future.

As a bonus, when purchasing Mail Jeet, you’ll also receive their opt-in form software, which can be used with Mail Jeet.

Laptop Settings

Most of the Email Clients require your laptop/desktop to be powered on to send emails. For this reason, set up your laptop with the following settings with a dedicated emailing profile while using the laptop.

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Why This Email Campaign Technique Is The Best Option For Online Marketers


If your database is bad, your server IPs are going to be blacklisted = NO INBOXING!

If you’re just spamming, the way I teach you in this blog post will not work = Don’t SPAM!

It’s a little more expensive than subscriber-based systems like Aweber and GetResponse. With self-hosted email, you pay per email. But if you’re doing it right, you’ll make more than enough to cover the bills and make a healthy profit.

If you use Amazon SES, it will be cheaper because their rates per email are downright ridiculous. With other SMTPs, the rates vary.

You don’t face any danger, harm, or even risk when getting registered with as many of these SMTP Relay server companies as you can. This is because you only get charged IF YOU USE the emails. If you decide only to use the free subscription option of some of them, you will still send a good volume (e.g., 12000/month) of emails every month.

You’re in complete control of your campaign and mailing list. What else is sweeter than this?

Even if you’re a person who uses popular autoresponder service providers such as Aweber, ConstantContact, MailChimp, iContact, or GetResponse as your primary email campaign tool, you must, of necessity, implement this technique as a backup strategy.

It is possible to have a product or service launch promotion in progress with any of these popular email service providers, only to discover midway that your emails are not going out because your account was shut down.

You receive one of the devastating rude shocks and loss of money you would have made. What a damning disappointment! The strategy you’re learning here will help you avoid this ugly occurrence, which has even become the experience of many.

Discover a cost-effective email campaign setup on a WordPress blog in conjunction with SMTP Relay Servers (and one that ensures maximum deliverability. It is not in the form of Aweber (or any other of the popular autoresponders)

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Results with Mandrill & Mail Jeet

With Mandrill, you’re entitled to twelve thousand free emails, which is very helpful for testing. You can start by setting up a standard account without adding any dedicated IP addresses for the tests. Subsequently, you can add a dedicated IP address ($30 per/month extra) to ensure a high delivery rate is maintained.

The benefit of having your own dedicated IP address over none is when you don’t, Mandrill will be sending your emails from the same IP as other many accounts, which can affect your delivery rate.

Delivery Rate Test

When I tested it, I received a whopping 100% delivery rate for over 200k emails. The reporting in Mandrill is great, and you can export it to gather a list of bounces to remove from the list.

Open Rate vs Click Rate Test

I wasn’t overly concerned about receiving a low click-through rate, as is the usual experience with email broadcasts and or when receiving email from a new email address. Once again the Mandrill user interface is extremely friendly and makes it easy to get information when needed. What do you see from the data on the screen shot below?

Unsubscribes & Spam Complaints

As with any email marketing campaign, you will get unsubscribes and spam complaints, but Mandrill has a feature to combat this. Mandrill automatically adds a List-Unsubscribe header to all emails showing a Mandrill-generated unsubscribe link. If recipients use an email program that supports the List-

Unsubscribe header (like Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo): they can use the option in their email program to unsubscribe. When someone unsubscribes using a Mandrill unsubscribe link, the information is sent back to Mandrill for processing. The message status is changed to Unsubscribe, and a sender-level rejection

is added for that recipient address.

While the email is on the Rejection Blacklist, if you’re using the same ‘from’ address on emails sent

through Mandrill, any emails sent to that recipient will be rejected. The rejection is temporary, and in

many cases, it doesn’t make sense for people to unsubscribe from transactional emails. However, this

allows senders to get feedback about how people are engaged with their emails and the rejection level.

Also, it prevents you from continuing to send to someone who has signaled that they don’t wish to receive more emails.

Unraveling the Webmail Conundrum – Why GoDaddy Webmail is Your Ultimate Solution

Maintaining Clean List

It is heartwarming to note that your Mandrill Accounts are not charged for rejected emails, and rejections do not affect your account reputation(only the initial bounce, spam complaint, or unsubscribe is used to help calculate the account reputation). On your Account, If you navigate to “Outbound > Extra Options,” only select the following….

– Rejected

– Spam Complaints

– Soft Bounces

– Hard Bounces

– Unsubscribes

– Deferred

This will generate a list of email addresses of all recipients who fall under this category, which can be exported. To keep your list in Mail Jeet clean, I recommend you update it once a week by putting the exported list of email addresses into the same Excel workbook and doing a loop.

The vloopup will determine if an email address is in both lists and if so it will either put “keep” or “delete” in the cell where you paste the following formula: =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(B4,Sheet1!A:A,1,FALSE)),”Keep”,”Delete”). So to keep it simple for updating your list….

1. Open CSV file of the current list (a sheet will be named)

2. Copy the list from Mandrill to a new sheet (a sheet will be called sheet1) in CSV file

3. Create a new column in the first sheet with the current list; call the column “update”

4. Paste above formula in the column (B4 will update to C4, D4, E4 etc as you paste it down)

5. Filter headers and in the “update” header only select “Delete” filter

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With this technique, you don’t have to worry about your accounts getting banned by big autoresponder service providers because YOU OWN YOUR LIST! Even if one of the companies that you use to broadcast an email goes crazy on you, there are tens of other SMTP Relay Server services that you can just plug into and start sending emails within minutes! How about that?

Therefore, go ahead and sign up for multiple SMTP services so that you always have plenty of options. I am sure it is possible to do this in Mail Jeet, (and it could also be so in the others out there) you can add any number of SMTP services and when you want to send, you just choose any one you desire.

Now I Have a Good Offer For You. Here Goes:

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Also, post your comments, questions, or opinions about the topic you just read below.

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