Learn how to set up your domain and email on Bluehost web hosting with our step-by-step guide. Discover the best practices for configuring your domain and creating professional email accounts, ensuring a seamless online presence for your business. Maximize the power of Bluehost’s hosting services and enhance your website’s performance today

I have used Bluehost (affiliate link) for both domain registration and hosting for over four years now. I’ve received excellent and immediate service from them when needed and experienced extremely low downtime (maybe a total of eight hours over the course of four years).

Bluehost uses CPanel – a common control panel for shared hosting accounts. The control panel lets you access and activate hosting account features.

To Register Your Domain And Set Up Hosting Through Bluehost:

1. Go to Bluehost.com

2. Click the Sign Up Now button (they’re currently running a special at $4.95/month for hosting for the first year)

3. Once you’re registered you should be able to log into your CPanel (control panel) for your hosting account

4. Click the Domains tab

5. Do a search for the domain name in your list of five ideas that you liked the most

6. Follow the instructions to pay for your domain name

7. Click on the Domains tab again

8. Click the option under Shortcuts to “Assign a domain to your account”

9. Follow the instructions to assign your new domain to your hosting account

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Now you’ll be able to manage your domain from your CPanel inside Bluehost. You can create email address for your domain, install WordPress, upload files, manage your databases, and perform site backups.

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Create an Email Account for Your Domain

You’re going to want to use a new Pinterest account for this strategy. I find it easier to create a new email that’s tied to the domain I registered and use that for everything related to a new site. You can set up a new email address inside your CPanel account.

1. Click on Email in your CPanel account

2. Fill in the name you want to use for your email address (I either use my first name, “admin”, “contact”, or “support”)

3. Fill in the password information or use the password generator

4. Copy down the name and password

5. Click the Create Account button

6. Your new email should now show in a list below the account set up box – click the More button next to your new email address

7. Click the option to Configure Email Client     

8. Set up your email client for that new email address. For example, I use Windows Live email and can add multiple email addresses to come through one in-box. Your CPanel account shows you the specifications needed to connect to your email client.

Thumbs up! You’ve gained some useful knowledge to enable you be different from the pack of others. Setting up your domain properly and creating an email address that is linked with your domain name is something that makes you look like a serious online marketer well and above others who make use of free names and webmails. Go out there and distinquish yourself.

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