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Dedicated Server Providers – Things To Consider When Evaluating Them

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Discover the key factors to consider when evaluating dedicated server providers. Learn how to choose the right hosting solution for your needs. In today’s digital landscape, where website performance can significantly impact your business, choosing the right dedicated server provider is a critical decision.

This blog post aims to guide you through the intricate process of selecting a dedicated server that aligns perfectly with your business needs. But if Unmanaged Dedicated Web Hosting turns you on, plus even Make Money With Dedicated Hosting, then you’re covered.

From understanding the intricacies of server hardware to evaluating the level of customer support, this post delves into key factors that are often overlooked but are crucial for ensuring optimal website performance and reliability.

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established enterprise, this comprehensive guide provides invaluable insights into making an informed decision, helping you to avoid common pitfalls and align your choice with your long-term business objectives.

Join me as I explore the essential considerations for choosing a dedicated server provider, ensuring your website operates at its peak potential.

Evaluating dedicated server providers requires a good grasp of relevant knowledge. There are a good number of dedicated server hosting providers in the industry today. I’m here to give you a comprehensive list of parameters and features to examine them.

Hence, stay with me. Don’t touch the back button and you will be empowered with the right knowledge to sift the chaff from the wheat. Are you still here? Ok, let’s go right away. First and foremost,

Assemble A List of Providers

With colocation, in many cases your team provides physical management of the servers and therefore requires a data center within a reasonable distance. With dedicated servers, physical management is handled by the provider, so proximity is less important than quality.

Be sure to expand your list beyond the big brand names in data centers. Often, the larger companies are unable to provide the level of service and flexibility of packaging that a smaller, high quality organization can offer.

Still, it’s usually a good idea to select a location that is in reasonable proximity to your users to reduce the possibility of latency. If your main audience is in the US, any US location should be effective. Dedicated Server Buyer’s Guide is the information you need if you’re considering transiting your hosting to a dedicated server type.

If you have some users in Europe, the East Coast tends to be better, whereas if you are serving the Pacific Rim, the West Coast tends to be best. However, unless you are targeting a very geographically specific audience, latency issues tend to be minimal.

Evaluate Providers

With a good list of dedicated providers in hand, it’s time to start narrowing them. You can easily rule out any that don’t meet your initial criteria, such as security measures in place, power and network redundancy, and uptime guarantees.

With your shortlist identified, it’s time to evaluate each option. Here’s your checklist.

History of Reliability

Server downtime can be extremely costly. According to a recent Poneman Institute report, an unplanned data center outage costs an average of $7,900 per minute.

Reliable up-time depends on three main factors: power continuity, cooling effectiveness, and network connectivity. Ask your provider how strong they are in these areas, but don’t simply trust their stated uptime record. Expect them to have thorough RFO (reason for outage) reports, and ask them to share that data with you.

Then, fact-check their records. There are a number of sites, including WebHostingTalk.com and the Outages and NANOG mailing lists, where you can search for complaints and discussions on a given company’s recent outages and check them against the provided RFO reports. These sites are also a great place to check a company’s reputation with its users.

A history of frequent outages, multiple online complaints, or falsified information in RFO reports are all major red flags. A great provider will demonstrate extremely low outage frequency, prompt response to any incidents, and at least 99.999% uptime.

Doing your homework on a company’s reliability is particularly important when buying dedicated, because unlike with colocation, there are many smaller dedicated resellers with little experience. Do your due diligence and look at a company’s history and reputation.

Physical Security

Protecting against data breaches is critical for most enterprise organizations, and often the biggest challenge lies in physically securing the facility where the data is stored. Security is especially important when buying dedicated servers because you usually do not access the server directly. As with reliability, it is worth doing some extra research on a provider’s capability in this area.

Make sure your provider has the latest security measures, including:

Multi-Layer Verification Process: This term refers to a security system that uses multiple methods to verify the identity of a user or the integrity of a transaction. Each layer of verification adds an additional barrier against unauthorized access, making the system more secure than those relying on a single form of verification.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFA is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify the user’s identity for a login or other transaction.

This typically involves a combination of two or more of the following categories: something the user knows (like a password), something the user has (like a smartphone app or a security token), and something the user is (like a fingerprint or other biometric trait).

The use of MFA significantly increases the security of the server by making it much harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access even if they have one piece of evidence, like a password.

Video Surveillance: This refers to the use of video cameras to monitor an area – a server physical environment, for security, safety, or monitoring activities. It serves as a deterrent to criminal activity and can also provide valuable evidence in the event of a security breach or crime.

Incorporating these security measures into systems and facilities greatly enhances the level of security, making it more challenging for unauthorized access or malicious activities to occur to web servers. In as much as you’re already getting informed, do you have this question in your mind – What Is Dedicated Web Hosting? Go and get the answer you need.

A strong multi-layer verification process should include locked external doors, locked internal doors, and locked cabinets. How are the identities of authorized personnel verified? Look for authentication that includes at least two factors, such as a physical key fob, key codes, and a form of biometric authentication, such as palm recognition.

The premises should be monitored 24/7 by video and staff to prevent any unauthorized access that may occur despite security protocol.

When security is a priority, finding a provider with a dedicated-only facility is the best option. A center that shares space with colocation will experience a significant amount of traffic, creating opportunities for weakness in security. When access to the entire data center is restricted, the chances of a breach are significantly reduced.

Infrastructure Redundancy

Don’t settle for a blanket statement regarding redundancy. Due diligence in this sphere will pay dividends when disaster strikes. You want to see redundancy on four key elements:

Server Hardware Quality

The actual hardware components, like the CPU, RAM, and storage of the server, are fundamental. Look for providers offering the latest and most reliable hardware, with options for customization based on your specific needs. High-quality hardware ensures better performance and longer server life.

Bandwidth and Data Transfer

Check the provider’s bandwidth offerings and data transfer limits. More bandwidth means your server can handle more data transfer, which is essential for high-traffic websites or applications.

Uptime Guarantees

Look for service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee a high percentage of uptime. The industry standard is around 99.9% uptime. This is crucial as it directly impacts the availability of your website or service.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensure that the provider has robust backup and disaster recovery plans in place. This includes regular backups and a clear, tested plan for restoring data in the event of a failure or disaster.

Nobody prays to enter a pit hole when sourcing for hosting; hence, here is Dedicated Server Hosting – 3 Common Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying.

Network Redundancy and Reliability

Apart from internal and external network quality, it’s important to ensure that the provider has redundant network connections. This reduces the risk of connectivity issues.

Scalability Options

The ability to easily upgrade or scale your server resources as your needs grow is important. Check if the provider offers flexible and scalable options.

Customer Support and Technical Assistance

Reliable and accessible customer support is crucial. Ensure that the provider offers 24/7 support with experienced technicians.

Compliance and Certifications

If your industry requires adherence to specific standards or regulations (like HIPAA, PCI-DSS), make sure the provider is compliant and has the necessary certifications.

Pricing and Contract Terms

Finally, consider the pricing structure and contract terms. Ensure they are transparent, without hidden fees, and align with your budget and requirements.

By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a dedicated server provider, ensuring that you have a reliable, secure, and high-performing server to meet your business needs. Enhance this knowledge with Dedicated Server – 16 Critical Factors And Parameters To Consider When Choosing To Buy

There you have it. Those are the important things to consider and compare when faced with the challenge of making a choice from multiple options of dedicated server hosting providers. The ball is now in your court to play. If you know how to pound, pound inside the mortar. You have the mortar and the ingredients.

10 Popular Dedicated Server Hosting Providers You May Like

  1. Kamatera: Known for offering affordable dedicated servers. They have a strong reputation for customizable plans and reliable performance.
  2. Verpex Hosting: This provider is celebrated for its budget-friendly options. They are a good choice for startups or small businesses looking for cost-effective solutions.
  3. HostArmada: This company is notable for its managed dedicated server services. It is recommended for users seeking a hands-off approach with managed support.
  4. Ultahost is recognized for its custom configuration options in dedicated servers, which make it suitable for users with specific hosting needs.
  5. InterServer: Best known for its security features in dedicated server hosting. They are a good option for those prioritizing security in their hosting solutions.
  6. A2 Hosting: A2 Hosting is appreciated for its unmanaged dedicated servers, offering a balance of performance and price. They provide a range of plans to suit different user needs.
  7. Liquid Web: They focus on high-end configurations and are known for their premium dedicated hosting services. Ideal for businesses needing top-tier server performance.
  8. Bluehost: Bluehost is renowned for its excellent customer support and user-friendly dedicated hosting services. They offer free backups but have limitations in CPU cores and bandwidth.
  9. SiteGround: Known for its managed WordPress service and robust hardware specifications. They offer integrated features like Cloudflare CDN and multiple control panel options.
  10. HostGator: HostGator provides user-friendly managed dedicated servers with excellent customer support. They offer various hosting settings and robust hardware options.
  11. Hostwinds: Hostwinds is appreciated for their reliable performance and competitive pricing. They offer a range of features, including a generous number of IP addresses and SSD storage.
  12. GoDaddy Hosting: One of the largest domain registrars and web hosting companies, GoDaddy offers powerful dedicated hosting plans with a range of CPU options and unmetered bandwidth.

Unleash the full Power-Of-Dedicated-Server-Hosting and experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and customization options tailored to your specific needs.

Each of these providers has its strengths, catering to different needs ranging from budget constraints to specific technical requirements.

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