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After Buying A Domain Name, What’s The Next Step In Starting A Website? Should You Use Site Builders?

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Well first thing you have to keep in mind is balance between these 3 parameters: time, quality, money. Quality needs time and/or money.

Then, next steps for you after hosting selection are:

– build architecture (what contents and where), write the contents (keeping in mind keywords for Google) and define functionalities (links, forms, etc)

– then you should be able to choose a CMS which fits your needs. CMS (Content Management System) is a nice way to get functionalities if you don’t know code. For example WordPress is nice if you need to describe services and write a blog. Shopify is nice to sell something online. But there are plenty others.

– choose and buy a theme which suits your needs and design wishes.

WordPress theme is around 50 dollars. Shopify theme is around 100 dollars. For both s … (more)

Annie Rose: Buying a really high quality .com domain name is probably going to be your first step here. After all, the .com domain is the first impression. Any good domain name will represent your brand or trademark and sufficiently describe what your website or blog is about with enough specificity that anyone seeing you in Google search results won’t have to guest. You can usually find a cheap .com domain name at holiday times as this is when most companies offer good coupons and discounts off TLD extensions.

Good cheap .com domains aren’t too hard to come by. Most of the big host companies also sell .com (and other top level) domains including .org, .info and even some more exotic variety such as .blog, .travel, .tech, etc.

Getting the domain isn’t the hard part and should be done at the same time as … (more)

David Reidy: I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but if this website endeavor is for a business, then my suggestion is to hire a professional website developer. Your requirements are easiest and cheapest. In my experience, a good website developer will create a website that has a significantly higher ROI, will have better attention to SEO and will be a key asset into any online marketing campaign for your company. And as far as ‘easy’… having someone else with extensive experience do the work avoids many of the pitfalls and mistakes of attempting a site yourself, as well as all the time-consuming research that it takes to end up with a site that is the best solution to make your money back quickly.

Abhishek Sharma: Three things are needed for building a website:-

Domain- This step is already completed as per question.

Hosting- The Place to store your website.

Host it for free at websites like this Unlimited Free Web Hosting, Free Domains, Easy Website Builder (Very Limited Recommend only for testing purposes)

Buy hosting. You can get cheapest and Reilable hosting here.Starting only $0.55 or Rs 35 Hosting,Cheap Reseller Hosting,Cheap Dedicated Server,Shared Web Hosting.

Designing- There are 3 ways to design your website

Drag and Drop Site Builders(Not Recommended)- Most hosting providers provide them.

Content Management Systems(CMSs)- CMSs Include the following

WordPress(.org) – WordPress is most popular content-management system. it Powers over 28% of top 10 million websites on Internet. Download it from her

Deepankar Gaur: Well I am an avid Web Developer and love experimenting with different web portals which provide easy to use platform for creating your personalized websites.

Although I don’t have a website of my own till date 🙂

I have found that many web portals use the same concept of creating websites using ready made blocks. But then there are few which evolve with each passing day by providing the users with more and more templates. So out of all the website designers that I have experimented with till date I am listing a few that have really caught my eye,

1. Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | WIX.com

Lot of third party apps are available with an easy to use interface. But as the things get complicated the price increase. And if you have to keep the price low then you will have to bear

Allison Fox: To begin with, you’ll want to select the web site/blog platform you wish to use, and the most effective one as we speak is WordPress. You most likely heard about it. The good factor is the it is fairly simple as well. Now, you will want to purchase a site hosting answer,

However don’t fear, you might have up and operating blog in about 2 hours of labor.

Do the next steps:

1) Purchase a domain: You will want a domain registrar for that. Namecheap is the one I’m utilizing to work with and it’s nice. It will be round 10$ for the all yr. You have already got it.

2) Buy a dependable web hosting: It’s essential purchase a identified web siting with one-click-WordPress set up and use it to setup the WordPress platform on it.

Personally I’m a fan of A2Hosting. It’s vital to separate the hosting &domai … (more)

Todd Gardiner: Originally Answered: What is the easiest and cheapest way to make a website?

Google has been offer seminars to businesses to get them help for creating their first website. Try to find one near you (here is a piece on one in SC: http://www.berkeleyind.com/business/Google-offers-free-website-seminar-for-businesses-BI)

Or, you can use Google Sites to create a simple website that is hosted by them. http://www.google.com/sites/help/intl/en/overview.html

YeliseolYengkhom: The web is filled with lots of free web templates & drag drop builders but are they really affective for your business?? Completely no. If you are a Start up and need a website likr a basic, dynamic, responsive, SEO enabled website without going into all hassles made by experts, then I would recommend you get it made with (zinyor.com)

Upto 7 pages starting at 90$ for a year includes domain name, hosting, development, logo design and maintenance as well. I made a travel website with them for 100$ and they provided complimentary social network package, mascot logo and business items like Cards & brochures. I say I’ll never find anyone better than them.

Ray Petrucci: If you’re looking for the easiest and affordable solution to create a website, I would suggest the following platforms:

Edicy: Easy to use Website Builder

Wix: Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | WIX

Strikingly – Simple, beautiful sites in minutes

Squarespace: Build a Website

TouchVu: Create a website with 1-click using your Facebook business page.

Arpit, You can use website builder tool on GoDaddy or go for we getting any hosting like BlueHost, Hostgator etc.

Thereafter, Youtube videos will guide you to do the needful and get the website in place, whatever way you want. There are a number of channels on YouTube and you can follow the videos to explore. It will be upto you from here on.

For any guidance on domain name acquisition and buying/appraisal/quality/tips, NamePros community is the best.

For guidance on products, website building and more, you may check YouTube videos.

Saud Razzak; The easiest way to make a website is WordPress. It is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows you to add multiple plugins and themes to extent the customization and flexibility. Furthermore, it is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge as well!

SubuJajoo: I wanted to tell you about a great new way to build your very own website. WebStarts is everything you need to build and maintain your own website and its FREE! Sign up for your own account at http://www.webstarts.com/?aff=subujajoo

Ankit Jain: After registering a domain name, the easiest and cheapest way to make a website is by using WordPress, Joomla, the freeware applications.

Siddhartha: Cheapest way to make website :

Buy a domain at Rs.99/year (.in) from hostripples

Go to ucraft and choose a template for your website

Design your website through their easy website builder

Connect the (.in) domain

Total Expense – Rs.99/year only!

Satpreet Singh: You could get a hosting account with LikeRock (http://www.likerock.com/). $10 for most domain names, $5/month for unlimited hosting (no contract!) and they’ll even setup WordPress, Joomla or any other open source CMS for you. WordPress definitely would be the preferred choice as it’s pretty easy to use and maintain.

Ramesh Kumar Jha: You can buy a website template and customize it for your need (e.g a portfolio template for portfolio website and so), unless you need something special with custom backend or a cms or something like that.

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