Supercharge Your Local Business – 4 Easy Steps to Dominate with Domain Marketing

Boost Your Local Business with 4 Simple Steps in Domain Marketing! Discover expert strategies to dominate your local market and attract more customers. Learn how to optimize your website’s domain to improve search engine rankings, increase visibility, and drive targeted traffic. Don’t miss out on these proven techniques for local business success. Read now!

This is all about marketing of domain names derived from names of localities. This is powered by the fact that people are making searches of services and information on the SEs based on their places of abode or near them.

The search engines themselves are indexing and displaying result pages of searches based on the localities of web surfers. Hence, it behooves web marketers to build websites based on domain name extensions relating to relevant locations.

And many local businesses taking their business online are ignorant of how to form and or pick such domains that are liable to perform well on the web.

This is where you come in with the offer of local based domains to help them out. The following four steps will definitely lead you to success in this local business domain name marketing. It’s that super simple!

Step One: Find Domains For Local Businesses:
a. Get a list of local areas/cities you intend to target – New York, Greenfield, Edinburgh, Chicago, Moscow, Abuja, Cape Town, etc

What is the difference-between a dotcom and dotcomdotng custom domain.
b. Make a list of corresponding local businesses – Plumbing, Hair Dressing, Laundering, Bricklaying, Welding, Tailoring, chiropractor, Dentist etc. You can make a search on Click on ‘Popular Categories” button.

c. Make a bulk check of the domains availability with

d. Go to and make a search with your chosen keywords/phrase. E.g. city + business type – NY + Plumbing. From the search result confirm there are plenty of businesses or clients to contact.

Exact match local domain name is a gateway to dominating your local digital world. Read More
Step Two: Buying The Domains:
a. It’s easier to get domain coupons you can apply on Godaddy checkout. Hence, buy from them.

b. Never buy a domain without a coupon in order to spend less so your ROI will be high. Register for a free account at digitalpoint forum and search for coupons on most of the relevant pages. You’ll definitely find. It is characteristic of forum members to share information, files and application to help each other and to connect with each other’s. Try searching on other popular forums you know.

c. Install Firefox toolbar called Honey. It’s free. This browser extension will show up on the checkout page of Just by clicking on it will help you search through 20+ odd coupons to enable you get good coupons so you have a great discount deal while buying.

After-buying-a-domain-name-what is the next thing to do
Step Three: Finding Buyers:
a. Create a spreadsheet of business contacts you could find during your search of local businesses with the following details as headings – url, business name, email address, social handles and or phone contacts.

b. Send the ones you want to target this email message:
Hi, my name is Godwin. I’m a local business owner. I own a domain name which I thought you might be interested in. it’s I would like to sell it quickly. I am contacting you about it because you’re a reputable business in this city locality.
If you’re interested, my contact info is below. Or you can click on the readymade Reply feature of your email client to respond. Just so you’ll be aware, I am also contacting a few other similar businesses in your locality. Missing this opportunity to your competitors could mean a lot of loss in business.
Thanks in earnest expectation

Step Four: Selling & Transferring The Domain:
a. Make use of services to sell your domains and collect your money. Using third party services like that to effect payment collection wards off the fear of being scammed for both you the seller and the buyer.

b. After the sell, get the buyer to setup a Godaddy account, in case you acquired the domains through Godaddy (and you should anyway). Otherwise, do the same with any domain registrar you’ve decided to use. Then they should send you their Customer Number and email address used in opening the account.

Using those details, you can push the domain name from your own account to theirs. It’s as simple as that. The transfer process can also be done through the escrow service that mediated the payment process.

c. You can offer to redirect the new domain to their existing website if they so desire. Or you can ask if they would like a new website put up with the domain name. That’s another means for extra income to your wallet.

There you have it. Simple but powerful domaineering. Simple local business domain marketing is an online business strategy proven to make you money without stress – by four simple steps. Go ahead and make money.

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