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2 Fantastic Free Web Hosting Reseller Providers + How to Build a Hosting Company without Stress

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Building an online business has become the dreams of many people especially the young adults who are still in their productive age but are impacted by the global economic meltdown occasioned by the pandemic. Web hosting service provision is one of business that is online based which has come to stay. It is as old as the internet and will endure as long as the internet endures.

With the way technology is impacting the world coupled with how the internet, digital and mobile technologies have fused, there’s no nearness to end of the internet business. What we’re witnessing today is monumental growth of internet related and based businesses.

Hence, cashing in with the opportunity and advantage it provides, taking up webhosting business as an option is a decision in the right direction. As it stands now, many people have ventured into it and there is still room to enter, especially when it to packaging the services to meet the needs of targeted markets.

Again, because it is a technically oriented industry, many people will fear to tread on such unknown grounds. Those who would dare the devil and give it the required attention to learn and explore it would be smiling to the banks. In this episode, I’ll be revealing two fantastic free web hosting reseller providersto enable you enter the market and build a web hosting company with very minimal investment. If you’re still here with me, let’s go;

  1. Free Reseller Hosting Program By Re-sellers panel

What Is A Free Hosting Reseller Program?

A reseller program is a platform via which you can sell different products provided by a third-party company to other customers as if you were the original provider. On the web hosting market, there are a lot of successful hosting businesses that started as a reseller hosting initiative.

There are two major types of reseller hosting programs – free and paid. With free reseller hosting platforms you invest your time and with paid reseller hosting programs, you invest your money.

With the reseller hosting account you will start selling web hosting services to customers.  With Resellerspanel’s free reseller hosting account you don’t pay for the hosting services but you are able to sell pre-made hosting packages.

This is different from apaid reseller hosting account where you buy a certain allocation of resources and create your own hosting packages in accordance with that total allocation.

Becoming a hosting reseller is the popular way of getting a server – a VPS or a dedicated server and start selling hosting accounts off that server. However, the most economical way to become a web hosting provider is to join a free reseller hosting program, this does not require any deposits or upfront investments from you.

Why Choose Resellerspanel Free Reseller Hosting Program?

They have been in the reseller hosting business for 17 years already and know how much it takes to set up a successful hosting business on your own. The difference between them and others is clear

No Deposits – They do not require any deposits from you whatsoever. Their reseller hosting system is fully automated. Once you set up your prices and start selling, they’ll charge your customers directly and will send you the difference between your price and the wholesale price as a profit.

No Tech Skills Required – You do not need to be a computer geek to start your own hosting business with them. Their all-in-one Reseller Control Panel will help you set up your store, set your prices, and manage all your customers with a click of the mouse.

24/7/365 Support – They provide a dedicated 24/7/365 support service to you as their partner and to your clients via live chat, email, or by phone during business hours.

Benefits of Using Resellerspanel Free Reseller Hosting

2-tier Affiliate Program – By referring new resellers and customers to any of their two web hosting schemes, you will receive 10% of each payment coming from a client of a FREE reseller or a cPanel reseller referred by you. You can significantly boost your profits by referring other resellers to their reseller programs.

Advanced Multi-Currency Billing System – They have developed an advanced custom-made multi-currency billing system. Your clients can pay in any of the 5 available currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD. Your reseller commissions – the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price of the web hosting plans you have sold – will also be paid to you in your preferred currency.

No need to spend additional funds on currency conversion when you receive your long-awaited reseller commission. And all this is coming to you free! No billing fees are required on your part – we cover them all! Simply sell our services and enjoy your fee-free reseller commissions.

Your only goal as a reseller will be to attract new customers under your own brand name. They will take care of the rest of the work – setting up web hosting accounts and supporting your clients. Again, on behalf of your brand name

Detailed Statistics of Your Hosting Business – A statistics section is included where you’ll find all the tools youneed in order to check what is going on with your reseller hosting account at all times.You will find general website statistics for your reseller store, which will help you keep track of how much unique and returning visitors you have and any upcoming payments

Easy Store Setup and Management – Setting up a reseller store is amazingly easy. You can do it in less than 5 minutes. And the result will be a fully functioning web hosting store.

Moreover, you can create and manage multiple reseller stores from a single reseller account! This way, you can try different advertising campaigns, pricing strategies, and offered services to determine which will be the most successful and profitable.

Flexible Wallet System – Provides you the opportunity to have a fee-free checking account with them. By depositing funds in your wallet, you’ll be able to spend them on various reseller or wholesale-priced web hosting services whenever you decide to purchase.  With this, you’ll avoid going through the time-consuming payment procedure whenever you make an order from your Reseller Control Panel.

Full Control Over Your Customers’ Accounts – The Reseller Control Panel allows you to take complete control not only over your service offers but also over your clients. At any time you will be able to see which domain names a particular customer is hosting in their account and check if they are using your private name servers. Additionally, you will have the possibility to customize the Upgrades section of your customers’ Web Hosting Control Panel

Guaranteed Complete Service Branding – You will enjoy a complete web hosting branding. No one will ever doubt the fact that you are anything short of a huge hosting provider. At no point, a customer will be led to believe that you are a reseller.

Semi-Dedicated Server Reseller, Dedicated Server Reseller, Virtual Private Server Reseller – Usually, to become a reseller of dedicated services, you have to make a serious initial investment and wait for it to pay off over time. But once you sign up for Resellerspanel Free Hosting Reseller Program, you can sell semi-dedicated servers from a web hosting store with the help of their remote forms and the Reseller API tool.

To boost your reseller profits, you can also sell dedicated servers, virtual private servers, cloud web hosting accounts, and domain names services.

Top Quality Web Hosting Service – They have been in the web hosting business since 2003 and couldn’t have survived had their servers been unstable. Each cloud web hosting account comes with a custom Hepsia Web Hosting Control Panel. Each web hosting server is running Linux and Apache – one of the most popular hosting platforms, famous for its stability, while Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors are taking care of all server operations.

And their Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers don’t lack behind – they are using only top-quality components during the server setup to ensure the smooth functioning of these servers.

24/7/365 Customer Support – The program allows you to stay away and not get involved with all the hard work, usually required when running a web hosting enterprise. You don’t have to deal with billing issues, you don’t need to get involved with server setup and, most importantly, you don’t have to take care of customer support – all this will be handled by them, on behalf of your own brand name!

What’s even more, They provide a 1-hour support response guarantee – a member of their staff will contact any customer within less than an hour after their original request has been received. This applies to all account users whether cloud Webhosting or virtual private server or dedicated server or semi-dedicated server, You can just sit back, relax, and rest assured that all your customers are in good hands.

Detailed Statistics of Your Reseller Business – The Traffic Stats tool,the Payment Stats tool,Affiliate Stats, Hosting Stats, Domain Stats and General Stats sections are available to keep you up to date with everything that is going on with your store, your clients and your affiliates.

Everyone is Eligible – No special skills required – The Free Hosting Reseller is available to everyone. No need to be a specialist in PHP, a system administrator, or an advertising genius – you can become a web hosting reseller with them without any specific knowledge required. Your job will be to attract clients.

Free Program – No Investments Required – Under their program, you will have to resell their web hosting offers – cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, and Virtual Private Servers, without having to purchase them beforehand.

Full Control Over Your Service Offerings: Being a web hosting reseller is all about control – over your account and over your customers. And with the Free Reseller Hosting Program introduced by ResellersPanel, you can enjoy being in full control over your service offerings, their prices, your reseller account, and your clients.

You can customize your store’s currency, choosing between the five most widely spread currencies on the web hosting market – USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD. You can set up prices for the services you are offering and modify them at any time in line with the latest market tendencies.

And you can define the type of web hosting services offered on your web hosting store – cloud web hosting accounts, semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers – and set a custom price on each web hosting service you are offering.

Professional Private Label Options – You can create your own web hosting company within minutes. You will have to hide well the fact that you are a hosting reseller. And they will give you the necessary tools to do that.

You can get a domain name at a discounted price. This way, you can match the name of your web hosting store with your site. You can also take advantage of their Private DNS Cluster offer. With it, all your clients will use Name Servers based on your chosen domain. This way, they will never suspect that you are anything short of an independent web hosting company.

Simple Business Model – There is not a lot you have to do as a reseller – all you need to do will be to advertise the web hosting services you are offering. They will take care of the rest..

If you give it a try, you will see with your own eyes how easy it is to have your own, successful web hosting company.

The Free Hosting Reseller Features

ClientExec Billing Software

To run an efficient web hosting company, you will need a way to manage the billing aspects of the business. Usually, aside from billing and customer support questions, billing managers handle also all domain name registrations and transfers, as well as anything domain name-related.

ClientExec Billing Manager

The ClientExec billing manager is a commercially developed billing management tool, which can easily be integrated with most of the popular Control Panels out there, including cPanel/WHM and DirectAdmin. ClientExec can also be connected with most Domain Registrars and their APIs, allowing you to register domains directly from your billing manager interface.

At Resellerspanel, they provide you with a free eNom domain reseller account, which would otherwise cost you $500.00 USD. The eNom domain reseller account will be easily integrated with the ClientExec billing manager, allowing for seamless domain registration and transfer operations.

DirectAdmin Control Panel

One of the best available choices is the popular and easy-to-use DirectAdmin Control Panel, which provides speed, stability, and ease of use. By installing this modern web hosting automation Control Panel, your VPS and dedicated hosting customers are enabled to manage their domains, emails, mailing lists, files and more, by simply navigating through a simple web-based interface.

Full Root Level Server Access

Your clients are enabled to select different operating systems for their server packages. The Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS Linux operating systems are now available via their order page. They offer a free license for Hepsia and DirectAdmin with the CentOS-based OpenVZ VPS and dedicated web hosting packages.

If you are skilled enough and don`t need any of their Control Panel options, you will get full root and SSH access to your VPS or dedicated server. With such root privileges, you will be allowed to perform all administration tasks. The root-level access also gives you the necessary permissions to fully manage a complete web server environment through a remote connection.

Billing Management Tool Integrated in ResellersPanel’s Web Hosting Control Panel

The Recurring Contracts Manager section contains all recurring contracts and allows their resellers’ clients to review the charges, to change the billing type (credit card and PayPal payments are now supported) and to activate or cancel their recurring payments.

Site pad Website Builder Overview – An easy-to-use, highly-intuitive website builder that can help you craft your own fully functional and professional-looking website with ease. Simply select a theme, then customize its look and feel by rearranging the content elements with simple drag-and-drop actions and by filling them in with custom text, images and videos, etc.

Over 400 Design Themes – Responsive themes in a wide range of categories like blog, business, portfolio, restaurants, etc.

A Variety Of Site Widgets – Over 40 widgets which can help you present your content in a more visual and enjoyable manner such as:

Rich Text, Images/Icons, Video, Image/Video Slider, Audio, Service Box, Google Maps, Contact Form, Social Media Buttons, Call To Action, Splash Screen, Embed Code…and many more widgets to choose from!

WHM with the cPanel Reseller Program – The Web Hosting Manager software is an integral part of the cPanel Reseller Program. While the cPanel Control Panel is the place where the end clients can manage all of their files and the settings for their websites, the WHM is a tool via which the resellers can manage all their clients.

A Weekly Operating System Update Service is Guaranteed

cPanel Control Panel- You are given the opportunity to start distributing cPanel – one of the most widely used hosting automation control panel solutions.

Domain Reseller Account – You will sell domain names, which appear to be sold under your brand name, but are actually purchased from a domain name registrar. You can also offer domain name registration at prices starting from $6.00 for 1 year per year for the .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info and .us TLDs.

The Free Reseller Control Panel – Their risk-free reseller hosting program provides a Control Panel option to everyone who wants to become a web hosting reseller. You just need to fill in your signup information and you will get your Reseller Control Panel account data by email. Once you log in to your Reseller Control Panel, you can set up a reseller template with a few simple clicks.

Monitoring and Rebooting Service with their VPS and Dedicated Server Plans

Their administrators will be watching over your server 24/7 and will report to you if something with the server goes wrong, if you are going out of memory or disk space, or if some of your scripts use too many resources. Also, if for some reason your server doesn’t respond or needs to be restarted, they will reboot it and will ensure that all the processes are loaded correctly.

If you give it a try, you will see with your own eyes how easy it is to have your own, successful web hosting company.

2. Free Hosting Reseller By Byet.host

Free hosting reseller services by Byethost is specially designed to allow you to setup and provide your own, customized, Co-branded, white-labeled free hosting services.Byethost offers two completely unique and separate reseller services, each designed specifically for the purpose of creating your own profitable free or paid web hosting service.

Become A Free Hosting Service Provider

 Run your own free hosting company using their specially designed service and the very same hosting platform that they offer their users premium plans. You’ll be able to operate as a ‘white labeled’ free hosting company because you can:

Design your own hosting company home page

You get a hosting control panel on your domain

Place your adverts into your clients’ pages and earn cash

Customize email templates sent to your clients

Byethost Free Hosting Reseller Program Is Free For Life

You can instantly start your own free hosting service and are provided everything you need in a fast and easy ‘turn-key’ solution without any financial investment on your part. Within minutes of signing up, you’ll be offering your service to the world.

You Get The Same Core Features As Paid Hosting Reseller Plan

The free hosting reseller plan offers you all of the same core features as the paid hosting reseller service. Only that you do not receive a free domain name alongside when registering for it.

You can add unlimited reseller domains to your free reseller account using the add reseller domain tool in your reseller control panel once you have obtained a domain through a third party registrar or Byet Domains.

Your reseller domains (including your free sub-domain) allow you to offer hosting to unlimited users through sub-domains!

Interested? Click here to sign up for your very own free reseller plan and start your webhosting business without delay!

How To Make Profit From Your Free Hosting Service

Choose your Reseller Account plan – Sign up at mysite.com for byethost free hosting reseller plan with your custom domain. You could search your business domain name availability and register it alongside signing up. Verify your email. You’ll receive email message stating your login details – the Cpanel and Web Hosting Manager username and password details plus the shared name server details.

With those details login to setup and configure your free hosting services offers.

Start promoting your free hosting offering

Users start signing up for your service

Visitors come to your Users websites

You earn money from the advertising on your Users’ websites! Your advertising code will be automatically added to their websites and are displayed to every viewer who visits a user’s website hosted on your service!

Earn Money Easily!

You have FULL control over your advertising. Your advertising is 100% yours. No advertising sharing between your ads and theirs on your users’ websites like some other services out there. You can use any kind of advertising code such as your Google AdSense code or any other advertising network!

Easy To Attract Users To Your Free Hosting Service?

It takes time and effort but if you advertise and market your service such as through forums, in web hosting directories, company listing websites, social networks, and even to your friends and family, you will surely find people looking for web hosting and what better price than free?

Once you start getting users, and your users start getting viewers, you will find that your advertising revenue increases sometimes exponentially all because of people viewing and clicking on your advertisements!

Who Manages The Servers And Deals With The Network Stuff?

Your users are hosted on their powerful Clustered Hosting Platform, the very same platform which powers the Byethost free hosting network of sites and, is completely maintained and managed by their corps of network and server engineers. Thus taking the work of technical stuff off your shoulders.

Your job remains to recruit users of your service – free webhosting. Monitor and motivate your clients to develop and grow their blogsites. You win, and they win. That’s a fair and easy way to make money online.

 Ready? Interested? Click here to sign up for your very own free reseller plan and start your webhosting business without delay!

How to Build a Hosting Company Without Stress

Make Your Hosting Business Have A Corporate Look

The internet is a level playing field for all to take advantage of. Since it is a virtual landscape, your corporate look will depend much more on how you present your business on it. Individuals, institutions and enterpreneurs have equal access to tools to present their business the way they choose. Hence, the internet gives even beginners opportunity to present themselves and or their businesses to the extent they choose. The sky is your limit.

You and or your business can tread on the marketing landscapes where the elephants tread and still have a good chunk of the pie. So, if you’re like me and have chosen to do webhosting business, don’t be intimidated by the big names in the industry. The internet is a very wide market. It is as wide as the world. Just as God made the earth so expansive that it can contain all human being no matter how we multiply. Just imagine the internet to be so.

After all, the technology is for the whole world and is fast growing to cover every part of the world. Hence, the internet market is as crowded as the earth is. Everybody is embracing the technology and most of them will need webhosting service. Some people will definitely not have the financial investment to make when starting. But they must be encouraged to start and that is where your services comes in. believe me, people in this category are in the majority.

Register A Custom Domain Name: There’s Something In A Name!

True some of the free webhosting service providers will give free subdomains, but such a domain, something like – www.yoursitename.somebodysitename.com. That kind of domain doesn’t make your business appear serious before people. Rather, register a brand domain name. a brand domain name because you’re going into an industry that will last as long as the internet last.

And, trust me, the internet is not going anywhere. Rather than go anywhere, it’ll keep improving and expanding. People are used by God through it to impact the world. People are also used by the devil through the internt to impact the world. And people use it to empower themselves. That’s why I strongly believe, the raging fire of the internet is not stopping any time soon, if it’ll ever.

So, choose a brand domain name. Something like, a word or some letters from your registered business name + host. The registered company or business name could be – Agywin International, then you could register the domain for the business as www.agywinhost.com.

Register A Business Name: Make Your Business Official

Like I mentioned above, you need a business name registered with the business regulatory body of your country. Registering it as sole proprietorship type of business will not cost you much. Better still, if you can afford it, go for a limited liability company registration.

Otherwise, with just a business name you’re good to go. Nowadays, and in many countries like mine, you can do this online from the comfort of your house. Taking this step will fortify your business corporateness look. Imagine the business name I made reference to. It was registered as a soleproprietor business name.

Don’t you see how the sound of the name portrays me as doing a global business. Why shouldn’t it, anyway? The online business I’m doing is world wide in nature. And, if you go into offering free webhosting online, the whole world is your market. So, go ahead and register a business name that portrays such outlook. You’ll be happier!

Define Your Business Brand

Unless you are into this for a short while. But why would you? You need to carve out a brand for your business. Brand speaks about your identity. What things people will use to identify your business. Things like colour, unique selling proposition, logo, social media page names, packaging etc. Just Google branding ideas and you’ll discover the various ways you can go about doing it.

For instance, introducing certain hash tags intended to promote your business among many other ideas will portray your webhosting service beyond where two or three gather business. Though it may be unknown to people in the beginning,before you know what is happening, it has spread like kerosene that is dropped.

Market Your Services

This might seem like saying the obvious. But it isn’t so. The imperativeness of marketing and promotion to the success of any form of business cannot be overemphasized. That is why many companies that have gone global for donkey years have not stopped promotion of their products and services.

Somebody said if you package feaces well and market aggressively, you’ll make wealth. That is to say no matter the quality of your product and or service, if implement adequate promotion you smile to the bank.

Aggressive marketing and promotion of the free hosting service of your business will make people to it serious, important and popular. Doing so you’re sure to make money creating a webhosting company which can grow from from offering free plans to premium and customized plans.

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