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12 Reasons Businesses, Organizations & Institutions Are Having Internet Presence

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Discover the 12 key reasons why businesses, organizations, and institutions are prioritizing their internet presence. Explore the benefits of establishing a strong online presence, from reaching a wider audience and enhancing brand visibility to driving customer engagement and boosting revenue. Uncover the power of digital transformation and harness the potential of the internet to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Day by day in this country it’s getting easier and rewarding for businesses, organizations, churches and institutions to take their businesses and services online! It is no more news; the Internet is growing like a wild-fire out of control worldwide.

In fact, experts estimate that over 500 million people had a connection to the Internet by the year 2009! That’s 7 years back. Think about the figure in 2016!

Sure, this number must have grown by at least 500%. And Nigeria is among the nations in the forefront. The news media has reported that our country has overtaken Uk by number people who get connected online. Almost all these people are ready prospects for any product/service you can think of – PLUS YOUR VERY OWN! Your sales and profits can skyrocket by using the Internet as an ultimate business-building tool!

In the past 5 years, the number of companies, educational institutions, churches and individuals taking their businesses to the Internet in Nigeria has grown from a mere estimated 7,000 to over 15 million!

And new ones are joining at an estimated rate of almost one thousand per month! “Online business” is barely beginning here – – just watch out, it’s going to get better and better . . . and bigger.

I hope you know what this rising trend means? More prospects for you if today, you’re convinced by these twelve reasons motivating them take their activities to the World Wide Web. You’ll be positioned and ready for a HUGE explosion in business growth!.

Let us now examine the undoubtable obvious power and potential of employing website on the world wide web for your business – the reasons behind several other organizations, institutions and even religious organizations who are already taking advantage of the potentials of website. Here we go!

  1. You Can’t Ignore Over One Billion People

It is estimated that over one billion people worldwide have access to the internet. No serious minded, growth and profited oriented entrepreneur can afford to ignore one billion people who are freely open to access for business transaction from anywhere you are.

With a website for your business you can easily be part of that community and show that you are interested in serving them. And, you know what? If you fail or even unnecessarily delay taking action, your competitors will cash in with the advantage, run with it ahead of you.

  1. Making Easy Business Connections
    Most business activities and transaction are consequent upon connections between people. In fact, “man-know-man” is a common jargon in the business world. Hence, in most cases, the level of your business deals is determined by the level of your networking. It is a common culture of businesspersons to distribute business cards at every good meeting. Many of them have happily had to tell stories of how a chance meeting turned into a big business deal. Now, that’s great tool on its own. But, consider this:

What if you could get your post cards or business cards distributed to hundreds of thousands, or even multiples of millions of potential customers and partners, telling them what you do and if they ever have need of your services, this is how they could contact you.

Wouldn’t it be even more greater and powerful for your business? I’m sure you are interested in such a tool. Without mincing words, a website has such tremendous power to reach multiples of millions of people globally with information about your services and products 24/7, inexpensively.

  1. You Could Do More Business Making Information Available
    In other to illustrate this point; I want you to think of a Yellow Page or newspaper classified advert on which you insert vital basic details about your business. Things like hours your office or workshop remains open, services and products offered, methods of collecting payment and address of your business.

Website is a platform for instant communication of all information about every reason why people should do business with you. And when this is available 24/7 all-round the year and accessible to anybody globally, don’t you think you could do more business?

Frankly, you could, even beyond your imagination. With your website hosted on the World Wide Web, you have employed a platform much more powerful than a yellow page advert.

  1. To Enhance Public Interest
    Yes, newspapers and magazines like The Guardian and Newstimes can be useful and efficient in broadcasting information about your business. But their popularity and readership audience is limited to your locality or the locality they serve. This means that someone living in a distant town would benefit from it.

Even at that, except there is something new and interesting about your business, they would not be willing to write and carry news about it. Hence, except someone from a faraway country is visiting the locality very soon, he cannot be aware of any information about your business being carried in the papers.

However, the story is different with Web page information. It can be accessed by anybody anywhere who has internet connection. And, when they get to know about you, they are potential visitors to your website. Consequently, they are potential buyers of your products or services.

  1. To Sell Things
    To some folks, selling things online is the first and foremost thing. Here, I have purposely kept it back till now, to drive home the fact that you should consider the points I have highlighted above and even some others you are still going to read as primary before even thinking of it. Why? You may be asking. Now, the reason is not far-fetched but complicated. Let me try to explain with an illustration.

Here goes – the best way to use your mobile handset in doing business is as a tool for communicating with customers which may consequently lead to patronage.

It would be a wrong approach to sell things directly on it. In the light of the above, you should first consider the World Wide Web as a tool to get yourself or your business known to the world.

Let them know about you, what you do and what you can do for them. Which you can conveniently do on a very slim budget on the internet. Then, it would be easy to convert them to customers who buy the things you sell on your website. That is my understanding about the internet. How about that?

  1. To Make Pictures, Sound And Film Files Available
    Let me start by asking a question. Have developed an application that can be used to solve very important problem and you think people would appreciate its value more if they watch it demonstrated? Or you have created a fantastic music album for which with no airplay, nobody knows that it sounds great?

It is a common saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but may be you lack the space for a thousand words to go out to the world of your target audience. What do you do? The answer lies with the power of the WWW. It gives you room to insert audios, photos and short video files to your company’s info if that will serve your potential customers. No brochure or newsletter has got such capability.

  1. To Answer Frequently Asked Questions
    Find out from your customer care and you will confirm that their time is usually spent answering the same questions over and over again. Potential customers always would like to get answer to these questions before making up their mind on what to do with your offer. If you happen to load up these frequently asked questions to a web page you will have removed another barrier to doing business with you and freed up some time for that harried phone operator.
  1. To Create a 24 Hour Service
    Have you ever tried calling a foreigner, someone on the other side of the coast? You could remember how uncertainty and un-clarity clouds communication. You and the other fellow on the other side are on different time terrains. Yes, the world is a global village. Hence, business transaction could conveniently be done worldwide but your office local hours are not global.

Trying to reach someone at a far place like Australia or Asia is even more frustrating. But, the good news is that with Web pages, the client can be served 24 hours a day, seven days a week with information matching their needs, time and language. And much more encouraging is the fact that vital information about your clients can also be collected and stored for you.

  1. To Allow Feedback From Customers
    Sometimes you get busy with your marketing and promotion campaigns distributing brochures, catalogs, booklets. But you don’t witness corresponding returns of your effort by way of sales, calls, or leads. Then you start asking yourself: What did I not do? Or what went wrong? Was anything wrong with the color, the price, the market?

Then, when you refer back to your library and experts, you are only encouraged to keep testing, till you eventually find out what went wrong. Such instruction may be fantastic for the big boys with big budgets, but who is responsible for bearing the cost load? No other one but you. And the frank truth is that the time and money is not there to keep watching till the answer arrives.

However, right there on a Web page, you can ask for feedback and get it immediately with no extra cost. This is possible because an automatic email responder can be built into Web pages. With this feature, answers to queries, surveys can be gotten while its fresh in your customers mind, without the cost and snail speed post mail reply.

  1. To Test Market New Services and Products
    Tied into the reason above, we all know the cost of rolling out a new product. Advertising, advertising, advertising, PR and advertising. Expensive, expensive, expensive. Once you have been on the Web and know what to expect from those who are seeing your page, they are the least expensive market for you to reach.

They will also let you know what they think of your product faster, easier and much less expensively than any other market you may reach. For the cost of a page or two of Web programming, you can have a crystal ball into where to position your product or service in the marketplace. Amazing.

  1. To Reach The Media
    No serious minded profited oriented business person would say he doesn’t need the publicity that the news media provides. This had been mentioned earlier about enhancing public interest. But reaching the media as a newswire, a publicist or a public policy group is both budget friendly and far reaching online methods.

Electronic media is the most wired profession today, since their main product is information and they can get it more quickly, cheaply and easily on-line. On-line press kits are very common, since they work with the digital environment of more and more pressrooms.

On a Web page digital photos can be put in place without the stripping and shooting of the old pressrooms and digital text can be edited and outputted on tight deadlines. Another amazing benefit of taking your business online

  1. To Serve Your Local Market
    Yes, it could be powerfully amazing, marketing to the whole world with you web page which I had talked about. But your locality is something you should not ignore. No matter where you are located – Lagos, Abuja, Johannesburg, Nairobi. Or are you located in Georgia, Boston, New York, Sydney or UK, there is probably enough local customers with Web access to make it worth your while to consider Web marketing.

Whatever you can think of (even cars) is being ordered online and delivered to the client. Most times, it is those with big pockets and enlightened that has access to the internet. Hence, you should take your business there too.

If you have read and understood the above 12 reasons for businesses having internet presence and noted the estimated number of people online world wide, you will agree with me such a facility holds tremendous opportunities for anyone who cares to earn wealth at a faster rate than traditional way of doing business. Right from your office or room you could be transacting with anybody anywhere in the world. This trend is fast growing globally.

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